Thursday, June 26, 2008

Booty Sweat? B.S. (think about it)

My Dad sold a ginger ale, labeled GoldWater, in 1964 in the candidate's home state of Arizona. Couldn't sell the last pallet-load once Barry lost to LBJ and my family of twelve drank it for months.

I know of one guy who still has a can of Billy Beer, named for Jimmy Carter's bubba brother. But that's only one guy and he's a friend of a friend's friend.

My point might be that the joke was funny once but it was all over once the "anchor truth" departed the scene.

Now a fictitious energy drink called Booty Sweat, lashed to the new Ben Stiller action comedy "Tropic Thunder," is about to become a real product!?

Read the astounding story on AdAge, plus the amazing side story of Oakland-based Brawndo.

As my grandfather used to often say, "What is this country coming to?"

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