Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Jumps on the "Optimism" Bandwagon

But Dunkin' does it better than most campaigns - like Pepsi (whose controversial new logo has been seen as possibly an egregious "borrow" of the Obama '88 graphic) or especially the heavy handed Coke "Open Happiness" campaign.

The DD Coffee campaign is themed "You 'kin do it."

A New York Times column (free registration) by Stuart Elliott quotes Boston agency Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos - senior vice president and group creative director, Tom Cawley:
“If you need a treat because you’re so hard-working, you can do it,” Mr. Cawley says, summarizing what the theme is supposed to convey. “It’s a message of positivity without pandering.”

In developing the theme, everyone sought to avoid making it “come across as rah-rah or in a frivolous way,” he adds, because “that would have felt off.”

Similarly, the agency and Dunkin’ Donuts realize the economy is “a bad situation,” Mr. Cawley says, and do not want to appear as if they are trying “to capitalize on it.”

He poked fun at that kind of ad by offering a make-believe example: “‘Times are tough. That’s why we’re your cooking spray.’”

The article also has a link to the initial "anthem" TV spot.

I like the strategy and the execution except that any caffeine beverage might be substituted DDC if it didn't brand "'kin."

Aside: Dunkin' Donuts have claimed over and over that their coffee beats Starbucks for both taste and value:

Dunkin' Donuts Beat Starbucks National Taste Test - video powered by Metacafe

How Media Is Embracing Something Medium-rare: Cooperation With Its Competition

In this morning's MediaPost TV Board, Mitch Oscar writes about "co-opetition," in which several unlikely media bedmates - including the RIAA, the bad cop in music-sharing who are now working with with the Internet Service Providers who have been the "enablers" of free downloading, but may now become the good cops.

Lots more examples are also cited.