Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hauling TV Coals to Newcastle?

Yesterday I served up a truckload of panic from those clever folks that hope we watch their TV spots.


This morning it looks like those net folks ought to take a chill pill.

In fact, MediaPost's Media Daily News makes things look all nice and orderly, again. Nielsen's TAMI says that TV is still tops - and getting better!

Personally, when I look at the numbers I think the increase in monthly usage of all three screens reflects the facts that we're staying home more than we were last year and that many of us consume more media in parallel. As I sit here typing this - and tabbing back and forth between today's blog-post, yesterday's and the MediaPost story - the CBS Early Show is on a screen about 10 feet away feeding me the latest on the California wildfires and A-Rod's lovelife.

How would TAMI measure that? And does it really matter?

Meanwhile, TAMI will be used to measure consumption of the Olympics. Should be interesting.