Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Mad Men" Returns Tonight

The third season of the advertising soap opera begins tonight at 10 pm on AMC, and I hope the show rises again to the standards of Season 1. Here's some of the buzz:

AMC's official Everything Mad Men page.

USA Today chews on the marketing power of the series.

The blog,, wonders 'What the Heck is Going to Happen On Mad Men?'

Frank Rich, in this morning's NY Times, contrasts MM to Woodstock in a really interesting column titled 'Mad Men Crashes Woodstock's Birthday.' Rich suggests that the early 196o's era fictional TV show is more relavent to 2009 than is the famous music festival of 1969. I think he's right. (Free access with registration)

At any rate, I'll be watching.

This MM review from TIME magazine pretty much sums up my opinions of episode 3.1 (except I found the hat distracting).

Let me know what you think.