Thursday, June 19, 2008

The man who changed things

Craig Newmark "invented" Craigslist to let his friends know about events in the Bay Area and grew it to be the content juggernaut it is today. But clouds may be gathering on the horizon. Though the power and value of the web enterprise is enormous, Newmark runs it like a Mom & Pop corner store - if you've walked past his modest two story headquarters on 9th Avenue near Judah, you know what I mean. The building looks like it could be the office of a estate agent who became weary of selling houses about seven years ago and can't wait to retire.
Here's an interview with Craig Newmark from today's edition of (The Boston Globe).
And here's a story from c| and another on on the lawsuit mentioned in that article.
Lastly, here's the Craigslist Hits Back story from The Guardian.
David Battles Goliath: Ugly stuff version.