Friday, June 12, 2009

Twitter: on the other hand (Tevya said)

I just opened my latest edition of TIME Magazine (June 15, 2008) and found an article starting on page 32 titled How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live (in 140 characters or less).

So much for shark jumping.

Here's my checkered record on prognostication, so far:

- I said nobody will ever drink light beer.

After completely blowing that one, and several more like it, I hid behind a Dichotomy Strategy,

- I said I didn't know which way the internet would go (ca. 1997), it might be CB Radio or it might be TV. (Looks more like a form of TV every day)

Twitter, seems to me, will be either baseball cards on cigarette packages or a new form of the telegraph. I've written myself a note to find this post in the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" in 2019. I hope I don't embarrass myself, too much.

Colorful, but Messy.

Today's AdRants has a pretty good review of a video for Ray Ban sunglasses.

Watch the Ray Ban video, read the review, then come back here to see the Sony Bravia spot that Steve Hall is talking about.

What do YOU think?

More Evidence of Shark Jumping

Yesterday I pondered the question: has Twitter jumped the shark?

This morning ReadWriteWeb asks: Are Trolls Ruining Social Media? Pretty much the same question.

Evidence is that celebrities are bailing out of the Big T because it's no longer fun to "hang out with people online," due to celeb-haters, says Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.

Get the story here.

While Commercial Radio Shrinks...

... more American ears tune in NPR.

Here's the story on this morning's Mashable.

Fun facts:
- NPR's daily audience is 11 times the size of USA Today's circulation.
- Almost all news NPR broadcasts is available via an "open scource" policy.