Thursday, June 11, 2009

One More Twitter Thing...

Pepsi UK is about to print its Twitter URL on millions of cans of cola.

"Twitter has officially reached mainstream" writes Stan Schroeder on Mashable - though he also speculates that it may turn out that Twitter has jumped the shark.

What do you think?

Gone with the windy...

Here's a brand new viral spot for Breyers Ice Cream. Trite, but you can't help but have a love/hate thing for Jane Krakowsky.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

I'm biased in that I hated the movie - tried to watch it several times and never went the distance.

Twitter is here...

... but I don't care what you're doing now.

"Creating cold fusion in a mayonnaise jar?" Nope.

"Casting a curse on my Ex while making a sandwich?" Not interested.

"Reading Homer in the original Greek?" Not even close.

But the potential of the technology is pretty impressive. Here's a couple of people who are making the tweeters sing:

- Nestle is inviting Moms to play along with the home vrsion of the game. They can post tweets within JuicyJuice ad units that can appear anywhere on the net.

- And this one is all about how and why Twitter works. Carri Bugbee is a PR practitioner in Portland, Oregon and she's founding a Twitter Advertising Agency. She believes that the medium works because it quickly connects people with similar interests. (AdAge video)

As Spock* says, "Fascinating!"

(*I saw the new movie. It's great.)