Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12 Days to "Mad Men, Season 2"

Yeah, I know I should be all about Budweiser today but, excuse me, media covers this is as if the Belgians had bought the Lincoln Memorial and the Grand Canyon. Steven Colbert opened the Colbert Report last night with a pretty funny bit mourning the loss of that Great American Asset, Anheuser-Busch:

Click the video.

Truth is, Bud isn't a very good beer, but it's a product that's been been gorgeously marketed and advertised year after year (remember the Bud Bowl spots in the Super Bowl? Genius!). Though they never did get Michelob sorted out.

So on to more important issues. The return of Mad Men! For those of you keeping up, Season 2 starts two years after Season 1 ended. If you didn't know that you're seriously lagging behind on your MM FAQs.

Meanwhile here's some news on how the series is being marketed - almost as well as Budweiser has been.