Friday, June 6, 2008

Popcorn: Sex/City Challenges Capra, Sturges

"Applied Futurist" Faith Popcorn has decided that the film, "Sex and the City," is a classic Depression Era movie that "comes at just the right time for a nation exhausted politically, emotionally and financially - and signals a growing desire to escape that idea-strapped marketers can use to their advantage."

Preston Sturges and Frank Capra were the Past Masters of the genre, but neither one were fortunate enough to have a previous TV audience as a launch pad. Nor are we in a depression like that of the 1930s.

(Isn't Barack Obama planning to be the vaccination against a "GD?")

What do you think?


The man who lies to Nielsen - and laughs.

The Nielsen company produces ratings data for television programs. Buckets of money are won and lost based on the numbers of households (HH) and people (women, 25-34, men 50+, etc.).

This morning, on "Media Post's TV Board," Frank S. Foster reports on a fairly troubling story - and the economics of the thing is the least troubling - of a man (and his family) who "games Nielson."

"My Neighbor Is A Nielsen Stooge"