Friday, June 6, 2008

The man who lies to Nielsen - and laughs.

The Nielsen company produces ratings data for television programs. Buckets of money are won and lost based on the numbers of households (HH) and people (women, 25-34, men 50+, etc.).

This morning, on "Media Post's TV Board," Frank S. Foster reports on a fairly troubling story - and the economics of the thing is the least troubling - of a man (and his family) who "games Nielson."

"My Neighbor Is A Nielsen Stooge"



....J.Michael Robertson said...

You are my gatekeeper, Pabst. If you don't point me at it, it doesn't exist -- in this particular realm. Now, for cats who look like Hitler, you are not my go-to guy. That would be Peter Moore.

Anonymous said...

I had a neighbour who was a Nielsen family. She used to leave PBS on when she went out. Even though she never actually watched it. Fascinating logic.