Thursday, June 5, 2008


This blog is about advertising.

I made my living from advertising for many years. Since I now teach advertising at the University of San Francisco, I guess I still do. Except that the dollars no longer flow from my clients, they now stream from the parents of my clients. And bless their hearts for that.

I read a whole lot of advertising blogs and will pass the best of them on to you, dear reader. So hang with me. I hope to keep it interesting for both of us.


Tom Lucas S.J. said...

Blue Ribbon Pabst!
tml sj

SPEAK!!!MyFavoriteDog said...

Looking forward to future blogs!!!

Renate said...

I have always been interested in avertising -- it seems to an area that has great opportunites for artistic expressions. I think it would be exciting to work within the contrains of a product, but I am not sure about trying to get people to buy something they may not want

....J.Michael Robertson said...

The Lollypop Guild welcomes you.

david silver said...

welcome to the bloc.