Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Young Film-maker Says "Wassup!" for Obama

Charles Stone III made a short film in the late 90's titled True, in which he and a few old friends greeted each other with a hearty, and goofy, "Wassup!" Ever so True in that guys who are friends do things like this.

The film caught the attention of Anheiser-Busch agency DDB/Chicago who licensed the concept for a well remembered Budweiser TV spot directed by Stone, who still owns the intellectual property that is the film, the TV spot concept and the use of "Wassup!" as depicted therein.

Stone and friends are now shouting "Wassup!" in an online video for Obama that is still True, but with a far less goofy edge:

For your reference, here's the original Bud spot that caught America's eye in Super Bowl 2000.

Here's the whole story from the Wall Street Journal Online.