Friday, August 1, 2008

"Mad Men" 2.1 Now Available on Hulu

I was looking for some background noise while I did some work this evening and discovered that Hulu's latest post is Mad Men Season 2, Episode 1.

Yow! Bonus. (as my Art Director/Partner, Charlie Oldham, used to say when good things came unexpectedly his way).

Cruise over to Hulu, and watch again, for the very first time Season 2, Episode 1, For Those Who Think Young, on the the very screen you're squinting at now!

Let me repeat: Yow! Bonus.

Verizon Ad Considered Offensive - Pulled Off Air

A recent trend continues. Small but well-meaning (I hope) groups are insisting marketers pull TV spots off the air because they're deemed offensive.

Here's the latest. First, watch it on YouTube.

Next, read the story on this morning's AdAge online.

1) Did you find the spot amusing/funny/striking/different?

2) Did you find the spot offensive on first viewing?

3) Did you judge the spot offensive after reading PETA's complaint?

Your comment encouraged.

The Romans had a saying, "De gustibus non disputandum est." Pardon the spelling, my Latin is more than a little rusty. "It's better not to dispute in matters of taste."

More tomorrow...