Monday, September 14, 2009

Leno Show Backed by $10MM Campaign

We talked - last week - about NBC and its desperation to save production money by "stripping" a Monday through Friday show from 10 to 11 pm starring Jay Leno.

Looks like the network is as serious as a heart attack.

NY Times advertising columnist, Stuart Elliott, explains NBC's predicament and the "off channel marketing" strategy that the network hopes will make this balloon rise. may require a free registration to see this article.

The Beatles: Still the Strongest Brand in Music

The recent success of the game "The Beatles: Rock Band" has cast new light on the legendary quartet which seems to be as profitable as ever.

How do they do it? By managing the brand very deliberately and carefully.

Here's a column in today's AdAge online by Beth Snyder Bulik that tells the story.