Friday, June 6, 2008

Popcorn: Sex/City Challenges Capra, Sturges

"Applied Futurist" Faith Popcorn has decided that the film, "Sex and the City," is a classic Depression Era movie that "comes at just the right time for a nation exhausted politically, emotionally and financially - and signals a growing desire to escape that idea-strapped marketers can use to their advantage."

Preston Sturges and Frank Capra were the Past Masters of the genre, but neither one were fortunate enough to have a previous TV audience as a launch pad. Nor are we in a depression like that of the 1930s.

(Isn't Barack Obama planning to be the vaccination against a "GD?")

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I think that marketers have known this for a while and have been using it against people for even longer...for example: social media allows users to escape their boring reality and be a cooler version of themselves in the cyber-reality.

Anonymous said...

Here's my ramble on Sex and the City- sorry Pabst, I'm bored:

Personally, I find it humorous that our society is so attached to SATC. The whole "message" of the show is supposed to be- women are independent/can think for themselves- girl power, if you will. Yet, these women are completely focused on finding a man...a mate. They seem completely unsatisfied with their lives if there isn't a guy in it. All they do is talk about their sex lives and the guys who are destroying them or are working for right now.
if anything, that movie will make me depressed- depressed because my life isn't like theirs- right?...I don't have the nice apartment in the big city...I don't get invited to cool parties...I sound like a douchebag when I say- fabulous...I actually have to worry about getting STDs from promiscuity...I won't end up with Mr. Right.
sure, I may feel a bit of bliss directly after watching that movie, but after 5 minutes, I'll be upset with myself because I've turned into one of the characters;
someone who needs a man and who focuses most of my time on finding that person instead of what's really important, my job, my family, my friends. So, I just want to say- Thank you America! Once again you've shit on our fantasies!