Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3D Comes to TV (again)

Stereoscopic imaging, aka 3D, has now and again been described as the next holy grail in entertainment. I remember 3D comics and movies in the 50s (Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho was shot in 3D, but most widely shown in plain-vanilla 2D) and I also remember a mid-8os Super Bowl(tm) halftime stunt in 3D, a film shot in and around San Francisco, that worked - kind of.

As I recall, silly cardboard "glasses" were distributed by a sponsor (maybe Tostitos?) and we donned them in order to see the images in "lifelike 3D." I also recall it took some imagination to "see" the 3D effect.

Now, it's back and 3Der than ever before. Here's the story in today's AdAge.com.

Admittedly, stereoscopic imaging is way off my radar, but when I Googled(tm) "3D television" I was told that I'd hit about 13,400,000 pages. When I dug in lots of them were blogs but a surprising number were gadget-for-sale sites that promised 3D imaging using your regular TV.

You learn something every damn day, if you're lucky.

Watch the Super Bowl and let me know what you think.