Monday, July 14, 2008

Truth Well Told

... is McCann-Erickson's banner, but this time it's Grey/New York that's got it right.

Bob Garfield,* longtime ad critic for Advertising Age magazine and, usually gets it right, too. Advertising he hates, he hates with wit and passion making his column always fun to read. But unlike so many critics who fawn and preen over things they like, Garfield attacks his likes with wit and passion, as well.

Today he likes Grey's TV spot for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and especially likes how the spot tip-toes through the ethical minefield of "drink responsibly" by telling the truth about drinking and responsibility, linking a product insight (some will drink too much) with consumer insight (some will be responsible with panache).

The ad hits The Sweet Spot - see blog post for 7/13/08.

* Garfield is also co-host of National Public Radio's On The Media.

And I had to Google Pecksniffian, too.

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