Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Advertising People Will Never Get Elected. But why do lawyers?

This morning's MediaPost Over the Line: a lighthearted look at advertising features an article Madmen = Badmen.

According to a recent (November 7 to 9, 2008) Gallup Poll, advertising practitioners are among the least well rated for honesty and ethics. The MediaPost article speculates that the over-the-top booze, butts and babes hijinks paraded on the AMC TV series Mad Men might have down-skewed the numbers for us ad folks. If the 'truth in advertising' bit in the article amuses you, you might want to rent the movie Crazy People.

As for the poll, I remember previous editions usually had us in the cellar, too. Once again we're nestled right in there with some of our clients, including business execs, car dealers, stock brokers (even Sam Waterston can't change that image) and, as always, lawyers.

Surprisingly, bankers are still in the middle range - sandwiched between journalists and building contractors (aren't those the guys that start the job and then don't show up for days?) - even in light of current events. I'm wondering if shadowy mortgage conspirators are seen by most people as having little or nothing to do with their friendly and rock-steady local ATM.

Top o' the heap: nurses, druggists, high school teachers, MDs, cops, clergy - in that order.

(Yeah, cops over fire fighters and ad people. Go figure.)

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

Booze, butts and babes. I think we should work in 'Paradise enow' as kicker.

But seriously folks, I need to check were university profs fit in that Gallup poll. I'm guessing our ethical vigor is somewhat overrated.

You and I bring the average up, of course, way, way, way up.