Monday, January 12, 2009

NY Agency Has a Big Idea. Detroit Big 3 Hasn't a Clue.

Ad execs from Madison Avenue agency Kelmenson, Davis & Associates have been trying for a year to put together a nonprofit domestic auto-industry forum that would make Americans aware of Detroit's importance to our nation's economy and culture.

KD&A think $50 million would do the trick in turning US auto buyers around (full disclosure, my wife and I bought a Ford Escape Hybrid last September - we love it!).

But the corporate jet boys from Motor City don't seem to get it and would rather claw each other to death. Have you seen the Chevy truck spots with Howie Long making fun of the dopey features of competitive vehicles? Yow! These guys may be doomed.

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

Saw those commercials on the football. I was transfixed by the fact they were still peddling behemoths. But you have explained why it's worse than I thought.