Friday, July 25, 2008

About 60 Hours* Away - "Mad Men 2"

Whet your whistle on this by San Francisco Chronicle TV critic Tim Goodman.

Take a sip here, too.

*Sunday night, 10 pm/9 central on AMC cable.

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

My favorite, as you know, from early days when no one was watching. Of course, not that many were watching even after it was drenched with cachet (my favorite mass-produced perfume, or produced by the masses anyway). My greatest joy was that it was renewed. Now I read some of its champions fear a slice of the masses will, in fact, arrive and wonder what the murmurs were all about. But, heck, consider all the Brit series that crank out 3-6 a year and stop even when popularity is high. But what does it all mean, Alfie? High Marxist savaging of capitalism or High Christian savaging of the weakness of the flesh or.... You know, maybe it's just aesthetically pleasing. To you, of course, it's autobiography stepped down a little from the way it actually was.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Watched the first episode of the second season and was pleased. It did not reprise. It had jumped forward and things had happened, not all of which were explained:

I approve of the above, by the way. Some of the movies I have most enjoyed over the years have been those I stumbled upon while channel surfing about half way through the movie. One guessed at what had created the situation, buidling mystery where there was none. Later, I would see the first part of the movie and ... not so good a movie after all.