Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can Michael Vick Come Back?

Much has been written questioning whether QB and convicted felon, Michael Vick, will ever wear an NFL uniform again. This morning, ADWEEK assumes his return but questions whether he can ever be a credible spokesman again.

I, too, think the issue will turn on how he handles himself. Will he make PSAs against animal cruelty for the SPCA (I agree that he should stay away from PETA)? If so, can he be believable? What other community causes could he help? Will he?

Don't look for Mr. Vick to pitch Manwich, Campbell's Chunky Soup or Ford Trucks, but as David Schwab, VP of Octagon Sports Marketing says, "There are always categories that sometimes become risk-immune almost and I would [identify those as ] videogame and sneakers. That's where you see Ray Lewis, that's where you see Allen Iverson. I think those brands will watch how consumers react to him. Those consumers are typically not the pet lover...If there were going to be industries that would bring him back as an endorser, I think videogames and shoes would be the first places to look."

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